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Reserve Currency Backed by Bitcoin and LP Holdings.

  • High APY Staking with Auto-Compounding

  • Utilizing NFT Bonds and Node Stablecoin Network

  • Flexible Vesting Terms & Variable Rebase Frequency

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Smart Contract
NFT / Utility Token
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solaar protocol

The SOLAAR Protocol

An innovative DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain utilizing $SOLAAR as the native token for operations. $SOLAAR tokens are backed by a basket of assets (e.g. UST, BNB, BTC) and LP tokens in the Treasury, giving it an intrinsic property which provides a baseline of value.

The SOLAAR protocol also induces economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonds. As a DAO, we aim to focus on innovation and adaptation in order to stay ahead of inflationary pressures while continuously adding utility to the token.

“The sun is the bestower of light and life to the totality of the cosmos; the sun is the source of wisdom.”

How it Works

Together as a DAO, Solaarians can ensure the maximum possible collective benefit for the entire network of participants.

You can “Stake” your $SOLAAR by locking up any amount for a period between 0 and 360 days. Your Stake accrues rewards every 8 hours, and the amount of yield depends on the length of your Stake: “Longer Pays Better”.

NFT Bonds & LP Fees

The proceeds from NFT Bond sales allows the protocol to accumulate UST, BTC and SOLAAR-UST LP for the Treasury. 

  • Bonds give users an opportunity to purchase $SOLAAR tokens at a discount. 
  • $SOLAAR tokens distributed by Solaar Bonds go directly into the user’s staked balance for auto-compounding. 
  • Bonds as NFTs make them transferable and re-sellable on secondary markets.

Treasury Revenue

Treasury inflow is used to increase the Treasury Balance, back outstanding $SOLAAR tokens and to regulate the staking APY distribution.

Protocol owned liquidity (POL): LP fees are a substantial stream of revenue that flows back into the Treasury and is converted into additional LP or other assets such as BTC.

Nodes as NFTs

NFT Nodes: 3 tier node network to support the Solaar $USS Stablecoin by accumulating BTC and $SOLAAR as backing. Yields paid out in $USS.

  • Nodes as NFTs make them transferable and re-sellable on secondary markets.


  • 50% Community Launch NFT IBO: Funds to be used for Bootstrapping Liquidity and Treasury, equally.

  • 25% Liquidity

  • 5% Marketing Partnerships

  • 20% TEAM and Partners

Treasury Allocation

  • 80% Protocol Owned Liquidity & Treasury

  • 10% BTC

  • 10% UST, BUSD

Total Initial Supply: 2.5 Million $SOLAAR

Hard Cap Supply: 1 Billion $SOLAAR
All token placements to be issued as NFT Bonds.


2022 Q1

  • Launch One (Initial Seed Bond Offering)
  • IBO Launch Two (Community NFT Bond Offering)
  • NFT Bonds ready for activation
  • Protocol tested and audited
  • Protocol goes live!
  • AMM/Swap and Liquidity Operations

2022 Q2

  • NFT Nodes + Stablecoin
  • Prediction Markets
  • NFT Bond Marketplace
  • Lending
  • Investments to produce yields: nodes, DeFi, crypto assets
  • Charity

2022 Q3

  • DAO Governance Implementation with Forum and Voting Proposals
  • Metaverse GameFi
  • Hedge Strategies

2022 Q4

  • Decentralized Stablecoin Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we be able to purchase initial bonds being offered for the community?2022-03-12T01:19:12+00:00

The Initial Bond Offering (IBO) is scheduled to launch soon! Subscribe for Updates

What is the token contract address?2022-03-08T02:41:27+00:00

Once the protocol goes live we will make all contract address public.

What is the total supply and initial listing price?2022-03-08T02:14:40+00:00

There will be a total initial supply of 2,500,000 $SOLAAR with a hard cap supply of 1 Billion $SOLAAR at the lowest listing price on PancakeSwap at 1 UST.

How do I buy $SOLAAR?2022-03-08T02:17:58+00:00

We will be listing the token on PancakeSwap after our official launch of the protocol to the public.

Is there a limit to how many bonds we can purchase during the IBO?2022-03-12T21:45:38+00:00

YES. There will be a limit of 10 bonds available to be minted per wallet address.

When will the airdrop promotion end and bonus rewards be distributed?2022-03-25T01:03:50+00:00

It’s currently scheduled to end on April 11, 2022 at which point tokens will be airdropped to participants.

Will there be a whitelist for the Initial Bond Offering?2022-03-12T21:45:22+00:00

NO. You will not be required to whitelist your wallet address in order to participate in the IBO. However there is an limit of 10 bonds available for purchase per address.

When will we be able to activate the bonds we purchase during IBO?2022-04-07T21:19:15+00:00

Bonds purchased during the IBO (Initial Bond Offering) will available for activation once the protocol goes live.

How will the $SOLAAR tokens be distributed?2022-03-08T02:45:39+00:00

2.5 million tokens will be minted for initial distribution, remaining supply will be minted from bonds and staking rewards by the protocol.

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